Have you ever stopped to think about how many things we catch in life because the timing is ‘just right’? If I was 5 minutes later I would have missed the little girl who threw a handful of flower petals into the air to twirl around in, or I would have missed the sunset, or […]

Passenger’s Seat

I am sitting in my house watching the moving company pack up and load my belongings onto the truck. I have to be present to make sure that they pack the right things and all – but I’m not allowed to help because if I pack it wrong then technically it will not be covered […]


Sundays for us usually go something like this: Ash or Nina: “Hey, I think we need a Sunday.” The other one: “Yeah!” We make the ‘Plan’ (which is rarely adhered to). Watch Friends Practice Blissology Make dinner Pour wine – smile and toast Read a children’s book ‘Sundays’ have become a heavily guarded tradition for […]