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IMG_7200In Feb, I travelled to Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica to participate in the pranassage course. Pranassage is a creative synthesis of yoga and bodywork that produces deep relaxation in the receiver.

Pranassage works like this: the practitioner physically moves the client’s body into a flow of positions that allows them to feel each position from the inside out. As the practitioner shifts the clients body into interesting movements and positions, they have the opportunity to witness some forgotten possibilities for motion and action that provide balance and relief throughout every part of the being. Entering the state of deep relaxation is an optimal condition for learning new patterns of movement.

Being moved in this way allows the receiver of pranassage to watch with awareness and without having to exert any effort. The brain-mind mechanism that determines our ability to move is beneath our conscious control. When we slow down to watch and feel how our body can move into positions in novel ways that do not require effort, the movement patterning mechanism gets reeducated and neurologically reorganizes to replace inefficient patterns with fluid, harmonious and efficient movements.

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