New Buds

There are few things on earth that have such an effect on my happiness as this:


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  1. Angie says:

    Oh! I love the pictures! New growth in spring seems to be a universal state of mind is it not! Not much else needs to be said really. :o) I always love to pick a little bud when I see them coming up and present it to my mother, as did you when you were a bit younger. Funny, I’m 50something and I still do. This year I took over a bud and said “TADA!” and she said “OH”. That was all the conversation and I went about my day. I see the little bud is still there several days later, withered and half dead, but very much alive because it’s SPRING! Yipee! We’ve had almost no snow this winter, but for some reason I’ve never been happier to smell spring.
    Love ya


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