Live Simply

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year? Normally, I don’t. Most of the resolutions I hear about tend to have something to do with fitness regime and diet; although I am no perfect superstar, those are two things that I find motivation for on a regular basis.

I have noticed this year, though, that other than in the food department I don’t know as much as I would like to about how to live naturally and energy-efficient and I’m a little embarrassed about how disorganized I can be at times. Maybe I am being a bit harsh on myself there … I grew up a country girl.  We grew our own vegetables, composed and used our food waste in the garden, and I learned to sew my own clothes at a young age. I am also not by any means a messy person. So I’m not oblivious to a simply natural lifestyle; however, I feel that there is more I could be doing now. Is there something else that I can do to reduce the negative impact my footprint has on the environment? Are there things I can eliminate with the ultimate goal to live efficiently? For one, I (like most North Americans) can definitely reduce the THINGS that I have collected in my house that I do not need. I always seem to find some excuse to spend my limited spare time climbing or hiking or some other more exciting outdoor adventure than organizing my closet. I think that a couple of hours would most likely go a long way if I were to dedicate them to organizing myself. So… I have committed to do just that. I’m convinced that setting myself up with simple systems to maintain a level of organization is the key to finding a little more efficiency. For example, a budget helps me track my finances; recycling bins, a garbage can and a compost bin give me places to separate my waste; and a daily schedule helps motivate me to spend my time (a hot commodity) wisely. I do find, though, that the laundry tends to pile up on the floor of my closet even though I have two laundry bins. I am open to suggestions if you have learned any simple living tips.

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