On a drive through the countryside last week, my friend and I saw a large turtle parked smack dab in the middle of the road. We decided together that we better stop and try to pick the turtle up and place him at the side of the road so that he does not get hit by careless drivers. I have picked up a turtle before. There are no ‘CAUTION: snapping turtle’ signs in Meaford. So I carefully tried to pick the turtle (who actually looked dead) up and move him to a place that I deemed as more safe.

The turtle went from dead to alive quite quickly and stuck his head far out of his shell and snapped at me! I screeched like a little girl and dropped the turtle. My friend screeched. Then we laughed. I can count on one hand the times I have screeched like that in the last 10 years. We tried to push him off of the road with a stick … which he also stubbornly pushed against and snapped at. Finally, slightly offended, we got back into our car and drove away leaving the turtle in the middle of the road.

As I think about that whole escapade, I realize that my initial response to the turtle’s stubborn behavior was, “Fine, FRANKLIN … you can stay in danger. I don’t care.” This sort of ‘taking it personal’ thought process has often been a response of mine in the past when people in my sphere act with stubbornness or snap for no apparent reason. Sure, there are times when people do or say very personal things against me, and perhaps those situations require a different response than complete detachment; however, it is only when I am able to let go of the fruits of my actions that I am able to act with ease and from a true self.

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