Please Swallow Your Pride

Lean on Me

There is something to be said about being vulnerable when you need to be. As my friend Kristine drove me home from my ankle surgery on Monday we were laughing between bouts of anesthetic induced nausea. Over the past month, when I would consider the surgery, I did not foresee myself laughing on the way home. I was once again reminded of the value and power of friendship.

I tend to be a tad more on the independent side (my friends are smirking as they read that understatement) but once in a while life gives me the excuse to lean on friends and family. I find it so inspiring – the strength that comes from a close bond with a friend. If you let them, they have the power to help you see that you can conquer even the climbs in life that seem more than tough at first glance. Thank you to all of my friends that have allowed me to ask for help and been there with me through thick and thin.

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