The Benefit of Risk

“The test of truth that emerges from playing on the razor’s edge is an elegant way of putting one’s life on a par with death for an instant in order to steal some of its power.”

-Le Breton, Body Society

 The Eighth Parallel

The fear of failure keeps so many of us from doing whatever it is that we want to do. As an athlete, a leader, and  a general contestant in the exciting game of life, I am (of course) afraid of failure. But you know … in my short amount of life experience, I have come in contact with a power that exists on the edge of risk. I wish that I could wield that power on a daily basis but it seems to be very difficult to recognize and it flits on the edge of a very dangerous threshold.

I celebrate in the success of these young women in Indonesia and they inspire me in my own life. What a great story — thank you Mikey for sharing it with me!

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