Let it go – just for a minute

Over time I have learned that leading my life with my expectations on the pointy end (as though my expectations were the very tip of my lance and I viewed my existence in life as a jousting match) has usually left me feeling disappointed and quite disgruntled.

I will not argue that expectations are important; actually, I would suggest that expectations are an integral part of setting the boundaries that we require in order to maintain a healthy life. The problem arises when we allow our expectations to take over our thoughts in a way that inhibits us from accepting the truly positive things that end up happening in our lives. In other words, we can’t see the good though all of the unfulfilled expectations.

I notice a positive shift in my life each time I am capable of loosening the grip on my expectations and instead concentrate on setting and articulating healthy boundaries. The act in itself (setting of boundaries vs attempt to control) DOES involve some amount of control, and the balance is obviously a challenge.

I tried out a new yoga studio tonight. I decided that instead of critically ‘studio shopping’ I would just go and try the session and place my expectations on the back burner.  The studio happens to be next to my favourite local cafe (bonus obviously), and in the end turned out to be an extremely pleasing experience. My spirit of letting go of my expectations prior to entrance into the studio allowed me to truly benefit from the instructor’s individual way of leading the practice.

Here’s to letting go — just for a minute.

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