Passenger’s Seat

I am sitting in my house watching the moving company pack up and load my belongings onto the truck. I have to be present to make sure that they pack the right things and all – but I’m not allowed to help because if I pack it wrong then technically it will not be covered under the guarantee of the company. A bizarre feeling. Reminds me of the first time I realized that I would never be allowed to drive my own vehicle as an officer in the military since that is not my job and I am assigned a driver. Actually the joke around the block is that officers would botch everything up if they were to do it themselves so that’s why they are assigned intelligent and competent soldiers to do the difficult things. Obviously this is not true, but I’m fairly certain that every keen leader has been given a gentle warning from a more experienced member of the team to, “stick to you your job and let us do ours.” I remember wanting to say, “but I want to drive my own car” when I first started out in my job. Thankfully I decided that was probably not the best idea and I more gracefully hopped into the passenger’s seat and carried on. I chuckle to myself though, as I realize that I have not lost my stubborn independence – I have only learned to laugh at it. I guess that’s not so bad.

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