A Good Cup of Coffee

Most people I know love a good cup of coffee. Some research where the coffee comes from and some truly couldn’t care less. After my first trip to Europe I became more of a ‘coffee snob’ I guess you could say. The first time I travelled alone was to meet one of my best friends who lives in Berlin. We drank so much good coffee during my stay and it was just as much about the experience as it was about the good coffee. After my first trip to Costa Rica I started to care a lot more where the beans come from. Do you ever think about the farmer that grew and harvested the beans that made your cup of coffee? This kind of consciousness is one that I wish for us – if we all cared and thought a little more about how much we are all connected, perhaps we would be less distracted by our differences.

I discovered a really special cafe in Thornbury just down the street from the town I have been posted to. It is called Ashanti Cafe and “From Farm to Cup” is the foundation of their coffee. They grow the beans at a farm in Zimbabwe then import them to Canada where they hand roast them fresh at their cafe in Thornbury. Creating jobs for people from Zimbabwe to Thornbury. A fantastic connection. Check it out.

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