Sundays for us usually go something like this:

Ash or Nina: “Hey, I think we need a Sunday.”

The other one: “Yeah!”

We make the ‘Plan’ (which is rarely adhered to).
Watch Friends
Practice Blissology
Make dinner
Pour wine – smile and toast
Read a children’s book

‘Sundays’ have become a heavily guarded tradition for my roommate and me in our home. I think it started two years ago during our first fall living together. It might have been the ending of the summer and the need to make one day a celebration of us. A day that we focus on the simple and put the complicated on hold. The neat thing about a ‘Sunday’ is that it doesn’t have to happen on Sunday – it can happen whenever we decide that we need it. Just like sunshine, exercise, and laughter, Sundays have been an integral part of reenergizing. Some ‘Sundays’ remain inside, some end up at the beach, some take us to new neighbourhoods, but all ‘Sundays’ offer the opportunity to share and enjoy life as it comes.

Today was a grey, drizzly Monday. As we sat in our ‘remax ready’ home after work, we shared a moment of genuine sadness while reminiscing about our time under one roof. But everybody knows all endings bring new beginnings. What better time to celebrate a ‘Sunday’?

Guest-post by Nin

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