Old Sweaters

I am posted to Meaford. This is something I expected upon return from my tour in Afghanistan so although not a surprise it is new territory to me so it brings a special level of excitement, a heightening of senses, and a unique opportunity to start fresh.

As I go through  my current home preparing it for the real estate market, I realize that I have a lot of stuff that has collected over such a short period of time. Some of it I will keep of course but some of it I realize I have been keeping for no reason whatsoever. Like the sweaters I continue to move around with me even though I haven’t worn them in three years. There are lots of rules out there to deal with clothes that are no longer worn. For example, “if you haven’t worn it in a year – toss it”. These ‘things’ we carry around tend to make life heavier in the end with no reward. The same theory applies to all of the emotional baggage we tend to carry around for years even though it brings nothing good to our lives and it is so freeing to simply let it fall into the past where it belongs. As I move to my new home in a new town with a new job – I have an excitement I haven’t felt for a long time.

Want to see my new digs?

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