Put it into perspective

I was reading an article titled “Getting Real” in the Sept 2010 issue of the magazine Oxygen. The columnist’s author, Tosca Reno, comments as a response to a reader having challenged her ‘realness’ by wondering how she gets it all done. The article caught my eye as I have always made it a goal in life to ‘be real’ and have also wondered from time to time how some truly inspirational people are capable of doing all that they do in the run of a day. In the article, Tosca introduces her son Braden to us. A victim of a hit-and-run car accident eleven years ago, the now 23 year old Braden is bed ridden and speaks to his family with his eyes as he blinks for yes and no. Tosca highlights her inspiration to do things because she CAN when there are people who are not able. I think of some of the soldiers I deployed with who have returned home in a different physical state than when they came to Afghanistan and it puts my lack of motivation into perspective quickly. As Tosca says in her article, “We too could be paralyzed as Braden is by this unfairness. Instead we remind ourselves every day that we must do better, try harder, give more and complain less.” So as I was reading the magazine in pursuit of some inspiration to do my workout … I got it … along with a little perspective to go with it.


  1. bruce says:

    I just emailed you and you’re Mom a little story about appreciation that goes well with this thought. It seems the people who have the most also whine and complain the most.


  2. Nanny Kay says:

    Hi Ash: Just read your toughts on Perspective.
    Yes, we should appreciate more the fact that we can get around and that our faculties are in tact. I have learned to appreciate more and more as I have grown older the gifts of life that I still have at my age. Nan


  3. Mum says:

    Wow! Tosca is quite a lady. I’m reading the Eat Clean Recharged book now. Thanks for giving me the heads up on her work. You are truly an inspiration to me.


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