Summer Vaca

I have just returned from a much needed and long awaited month-longish break from the theatre of operations. I chose to spend my time in Paris and Maui. Opposites, yes, but put together they make quite a nice combo and serve as a good reminder that there is life outside of the way things run here in Kandahar province. I must say, although a great vacation, it did serve to make me miss my family more than ever.

For anyone going to Paris down the road, I would recommend the Sacre-Coeur – a church on top of a hillside that overlooks the city of Paris. The Catholic Church is much like all of the other Catholic Churches I’ve visited around the world – beautifully crafted and quietly respected. If you go to visit the Sacre-Coeur in the evening, you can time your stay in order to observe the sunset over the city from a large set of stairs leading up to the entrance to the church. On the stairs you will also be able to enjoy a beer or some wine and some reggae music of sorts played by what I would assume (but could be wrong) to be the ‘regulars’. It is a Paris experience I would recommend to ensure not to miss.

Maui, although I discovered is not my kind of travel destination, is very beautiful. The weather is nice, the atmosphere is relaxed, and snorkelling with turtles is arguably a very amusing activity. I would recommend Big Beach. The fairly large waves pull close to the shore and crash all at once in a big tube, making them great for body surfing. It reminded me of being a kid playing in the waves with my sister and later laughing about how much sand we were cleaning out of our ears for days after the fun.

Now I am back at the grind. Focused, but looking forward to celebrating Christmas with my family. I hope all of you enjoyed your summer vacation as much as I did.


  1. Mum says:

    Oh my goodness Ash, you make me want to buy a plane ticket and travel! I love the way you write. I’m so glad you’ve been able to have a little R and R. Stay safe and Christmas is just around the bend. How about some of Nanny’s apple pie and all my turkey fixins? Mabye some lobster or Rappie Pie. We’ll do it! Love you.


  2. Nanny Kay says:

    Hi Ash, you have made your vacation look so interesting. So glad that you had a good time.
    I know that the Catholic Churches are most always done up beautifully. It was good that you had such a good time. We are putting all the lights etc. up for you when you get home.
    Love you lots 0X0X0X0 Nan


  3. Farrah says:

    Ash, remember the last time we were in Paris together? haha. About 1 year ago.


  4. Mum says:

    What were the two of you doing??? Never mind!! Tell me later! 😮


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